Sunday, March 14, 2010

DuBois Manor new book Diana Baxter

Below is the intro to my book, DuBois Manor.

It is about a life and how it has so many twists and turns. This book takes place in a river mansion. I come up with these intros on all the books now. Have no idea where but, when I start a new manuscript these sayings pop out. This one below is one I came up with last summer out of the blue. This butterfly has spiritual meaning throughout the book. It makes more sense once you read the book. Anyway, wanted to share it with you and if anyone else wants to read it.

Of course I read it out loud in my Deep southern drawl as the book takes place late 1880's down south...........Just wanted to share................

We are never truly alone on this journey we call life.
We are guided and watched over by loved ones who have passed on.
Life has it’s deep currents, twists and turns as does a river.
We come here safe out of a cocoon only to find we have wings that can take us on our journey.
Choosing where we decide to take flight and land is entirely up to us.
Always remember, once out the cocoon we are all fragile as is the butterfly.

Diana Baxter

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