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Did you realize your skin is a major organ?

Did you realize your skin is a major organ?
Beauty on the inside and out
By Maria Albuquerque and Cindy Miller

Health tip: Did you realize your "SKIN" is a major organ?
Through our skin we experience the world both on the inside and out.
For example when we feel pain and pleasure our body senses this.
When we are cold are skin turns blue, when our skin is irritated it turns red.
Our skin relays the changes between the external and the internal.
These changes are responses that are triggered to help restore balance between
our interior and exterior.

Our skin is the indicator for our health. Looking pale, dark circle under our eyes,
flushed, red cheeks, hives are all signs of how well we are doing. Our skin is linked to many bodily functions from blood circulation to releasing toxins. When something goes wrong on the inside our body tries to get our attention through our skin. It is important to notice and recognize the changes.

Our skin is our physical container but it protects the flesh and our body. When we are cut it has the wonderful ability to heal. When we have a splinter and are evaded by bacteria
extra blood flow is sent to that area so that the white blood cells and nutrients start healing action.

Many skin problems can be addressed by healthy nutrition. Treating the inside will result in a healthier outside. Usually when you feel good your skin looks good.

Skin is your body's first line of defense it filters the suns rays and keeps out water and toxic substances. It is sometimes called our second kidney because of the million of sweat glands that secrete toxins from our body.

Nutritional support is very important. Copper found in dark leafy veggies, shellfish and whole grains, iron, vitamin C found in fruits and veggies are required for the production
of collagen, which is the glue, that keeps our skin together. Much research has shown
bioflavonoids especially OPCs are powerful antioxidants which help stabilize collagen.
Skin facts:
ü skin of an adult weighs about 8 pounds and measures 20 square feet when stretched out.
ü The thinnest skin which measures 1/25 of an inch is our eyelids.
ü The soles of our feet are the thickest at 1/8 of an inch.
ü We shed about 40 pounds of skin over our lifetime.
ü Men really are thicker-skinned than woman!

Spirit tip: Is someone getting under your skin?
Then bless them for what are they trying to teach you about yourself.
What can you learn from this relationship and experience? Please try to understand that all relationships are sacred. The most challenging ones may turn out to be one of our best teachings and truly our blessing in disguise.
8 ingredients that will help change your life:
Whether you’re a lifelong health enthusiast or someone just beginning their quest towards promoting your health and wellness, incorporating these 8 ingredients into your life style can make a huge difference toward helping you feel your best – both inside and out.
( Please remember you are a mind, body and Spirit so it is important to incorporate all of you)
Resveratrol: the “Holy Gail of anti-aging research” hailed by Harvard School of Medicine reserveratrol is one of the most revolutionary advances in antioxidant research, found in Isontix Resveratrol
Acai Berry: the “number one super food as described on Oprah show by Dr. Perricone
Out of the depths of the rain forest deceptive plain looking acai berry, found in isotonix Acai
Pyncongenol: extracted from bark of French maritime pine trees grown exclusively along the Gascoigne coast of France represents antioxidants, maintenance of connective tissues, supports the normal vasodilation of blood vessels, found in Isotonix OPC 3
Matrixyl: a lipopeptide isomer developed to help skin ward off telltale signs of aging by promoting natural collagen in the dermis, found in Pentaxyl
Clairesome P-9: Hold the anti aging at bay, skin maintenance composed of synthetic material resembling growth hormones and nano-sized liopsomes, found in Cellular labs re-birth serum
MDI complex: Dermatological trifecta of cellular rejuvenation. Keeps skin looking timeless by promoting collagen, found in Timeless Prescription
Omega 3 fatty acids: Cardiovascular health according to researchers at the Mayo Clinic and National Institute for Health the DHA and EPA found in fish oils and fish oil supplements may improve cardiovascular health, found in Heart Health System
Advantra Z: Following the government mandated removal of herbal ephedrine its derivatives from dietary supplements this supplements safer and equally effective results for weight conscious individuals fat burning bitter-orange derivative to keep those excess pounds in check all year long. Promotes thermogenesis, Advantra Z provides a safe and effective means of suppressing appetite and promoting development of muscle, found in Mochatonix
All of these products may be purchased by visiting www.youngatheart.unfranchise.com
Cindy and Maria offer one on one, may be on the phone, or group classes/consultations to their clients for living a better quality of life based on mind, body and Spirit. Please feel free to email Cindy and Maria at trinity@trinityproduction.org you may also reach them by phone at 203-426-9448 Cindy or 203-733-5941 Maria.

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