Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Can you explain this photo?

We are Greek Orthodox and we have a very special memorial service for anyone thatpasses away on or around the 40 day mark of their passing.? Well, as you wouldimagine, that service at church was very hard for all of us.? It is also traditionthat we all go out for a fish dinner after the service.? So I had about 70 peoplefor lunch at the stony hill inn after the 40 day memorial service. That day was snowy.? I drove home and my sister was parked in front of my house.?Well I passed my driveway ( don't know why I did not pull in ) passed my house abit, then turned into the driveway of the house across the street to make a u-turn.?I made the u turn and then parked in front of my house.? My girls looked at thedriveway across the street where I made that u-turn and this is what showed up onthe snow.? Tell me what you see!!!? I think it is some sign or something.? Let meknow your thoughts!!! Anastasia

(Anastasia husbands John crossed over this image is what appeared to her comments are welcomed. Cindy (:) )
Cindy's reflections from the angel's on this picture:
" I think when two hearts were joined as were yours the symbolism of leaving them on the driveway is pure love. John was and is your first love.He taught you more about love, loving yourself and others.What a remarkable way for you to see just that and the fact that you were a pair of sweethearts. Amazing love like that is something to be cherished which I know you do. Someone new is coming and when he does he'll be special to."
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Anonymous said...

Hi cindy,

i think this image is a symbolic representation of the 11:11.
Two big ones and two small ones.

more about 11:11 and what it means can be found at



Anonymous said...

Cindy, always remember to look not at the obvious. The path of life has many signs
for us to read. Sometimes we can clearly see them and understand and others times
we need others to help us understand. The key is know you never travel alone, God
is always with you. The interesting part is often God can be the stranger next door
who you may recognize or may not. Just know God is there always for you as you
proceed on the journey. The two hearts to me are a symbol of our connection and
covenant with God. God is one heart and we are the other. Take Care!
God Bless!!

Scott R. Davis said...

the photo is two hearts at the end of a dark road. They are touching each other in peace.

I am a friend of Louis C.

and a friend of jesus. Peace