Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mandalas Journey group Feb.2012

This month at the Journey Group Anna Linley guest speaker give a presentation on working, drawing and using mandalas.
She also shared about labyrinths, how she got started and her complete change in career from doing this work which sheis clearly passionate about.

Anna brought with her samples of different mandalas she has drawn for individuals and how they can be used onour healing journey with focus blending into the theme even for quieting our minds. There were photos she has taken showing how mandalas appear on shells, in ice puddles, flowers you just need to look. For me it again confirms perception and how we perceive things in life is an essential part of our attitude and walk.

Nature, our artistic abilities all given to us by God is another way to reflect upon the greatness of the Creator and Creation. We are all a part of it. I received a message from God about this teaching and was even told to wear a certain top and a white round bracelet. The colors on the top reflected so many of the colors used and intricacy of the mandalas, the bracelet signified the roundness and that we are one. If you would like to reach Anna her contact information is below.

A mandala for you to use called "Inner light" is posted here on this blog
Guest Speaker: Anna Linley a intuitive artist and reiki master.
Tulku Healing,, 203.216.5197
Message Cindy received from God on mandalas
Feb. 1, 2012
We (meaning God and Cindy) are so happy you have gathered here this evening being willing to look at all types of healing modalities. The Sanskrit of mandalas are ancient ways of healing and coming together to zoom in and focus in on the points of origin as a reflection of timing and where you come from.
Where you came from means everything. When you realize you are on a discovery to the meaning of your life in the grand scheme of things the diamond appears. Like the surface of this stone it glistens and purifies when it’s mined, unlike your mind meaning you need to always work on seeing things from the highest realm of light and wisdom.
When you look at anything, object, situation what do you see? How are you viewing it? The point is this be all you can be in God knowing you are more than this all of this!
Anna is here to guide you and inspire you with what you have come here to do. Plans have a way of changing mid course when you uncover more of who you truly are.
Thank Anna for her willingness to always bring light. She is a dedicated Spirit through much hard work that she has found a course to let her light shine.
Be the beacon of light that you all are.

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