Monday, August 16, 2010

A date with Sheen Obsidian by Dianthia

A Date with Sheen Obsidian

Fortune invites me to a Dance at a gracious country manor.

I attend, although I am not used to the formal setting or the ambience of luxury.

At first, I do feel out of place, not ready for the fullness of Life I see before me, but Good Spirits and Cordiality are flowing.

I am among Cherished friends, old and new.

The Kindness of golden lamps alight in every corner embraces me and the glittering Illumination of candles on every table inspires me.

The air is cool, sweet and silken on my cheeks.

My senses are showered by the high perfumes of rose, jasmine and minted greenery breezing through the open windows.

An orchestra is playing pink harmonious melodies that relax my heart and release my feet.

I find myself standing at a carved ivory balustrade surrounding a blue-stoned terrace.

A single stone rests on the edge of the railing, a small black pebble of promise.

I pick it up.

Calm and Comfort and Hope are cupped in the warm palm of my hand.

Bright yellow butterflies are fluttering in my stomach.

I smile a truly happy smile.

My heart quickens. Mystery unfolds. My Story unfolds.

I feel my aura expand into the beautiful Virtues of the night.

In that moment, I am that girl, that woman, the one wearing the perfect black velvet dress.

The enchanting folds enhance my natural beauties,

And, all I perceived and believed were imperfections, embarrassments, and unkind blights are transmuted into simple Grace.

I am wrapped in the soft mysterious Light of the Eternal Feminine.

My Soul is awake in Perfect Place and singing with the Sterling Stars above.

My eyes follow the lustrous beams of moonlight dancing across the gardens and through the Obsidian depths of the woods beyond.

My gaze falls to rest on one shadowed figure standing alone beneath a noble arch of majestic rose bushes, whose blossoms glow purple and cream in the spell of the night.

The figure seems to be patiently waiting for something, and also seems familiar.

The air is shimmering around us both as if the moment is attended by Destiny’s Angels and silver-dusted by Fairy Wishes.

That Soul steps forth to cross the black paths between dew-kissed jasmine and the wide Heaven spell of roses, and into the illuminating sheen of Golden Lamplight.

It is the One, the One who completes my Heart with Calm Comfort and fills me with Promise and Hope, the one I have waited for, yet has always been familiar and near, perhaps through centuries and beyond.

I step forth to descend the blue-terraced staircase to the harmony of a violin waltz lifting my feet with flowing Faith.

And we meet in that one precious Moment, potent with silver moonbeams, bathed by the warm golden hues of lamplight, and caressed with the soft sheen of black velvet Obsidian flowing into Eternity. . . Because I am that girl, that Woman.

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