Friday, July 3, 2009

Angelic messages from Michelle B.

From Michelle B.
Michael – Protection – Overcoming Fears – Finding Life's Purpose
Rafael – Healer (works with those involved with healing and those needing healing)
Gabriel – Messenger (works with writers, teachers, preachers, etc.)

Angels must be asked to assist – they work with those that desire their assistance and do not cross or interfere with a person's free-will.

My dearest angels:
What messages do you have for the attendees of theWed night Journey Group from last week?
We come to you with guidance and clarity that you may continue on your paths to greatness. We love that each of you is looking to connect with us beyond, to guide and help you grow and change as is needed for the fulfillment of yourdestinies and the pursuit of your desires.
Your own individual greatness will give attention to tread the path needed to travel toward that deeper greatness within. The greatness within longs to shineto assist others in guidance, healing and sharing experiences in order to move others thoughts and actions in line with spirit. Each of you will guide others with your own healing and writing or speaking ministries/talents.
Do not fear – our angelic and spiritual guidance and assistance is also available to you and your 'clients' and loved ones. Just ask us, ask us to guide you. Be clear in your questions and we will be clear in helping in the situation that you ask us about. We are here for you whenever you desire assistance of any type. Ask and listen within – your senses will awaken as you continually make connection with us in your asking; thoughts or spoken word ... we hear you. Your greater good is supported though us andwe will help you with those items that are for your greatest good.
Continue to ask; for you each ask for little for yourself and much for others– it is okay to ask for yourself as well – it is not selfish; it is through your desires that allows attraction to you. Good attracts good ... continue with good healthy desires (you know good desires from strictly material desires).
It is up to you to continue to learn and grow – yes, practice connecting with us. You will not always need 'teachers', for you will be those teaching and sharing to guide and assist other in their growth.

Your Assignments are to each find one person with whom to share an experience with – another spiritual person that you know and trust.
1 – Place your left hands on each other's right shoulders (facing each other)
2 – Look into each other's left eye
3 – State the following: (you can take turns)
I open myself to the divine, to guide and open me to help others through divine loving guidance
4 – Each sit and write the thoughts that come to you about your future and about helping others


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