Sunday, August 3, 2008

Don't take it personally

Don’t take it personally.
He or she doesn’t call back.
I am not thanked.
Someone yells at me.
I hope you can relate to the type of stuff we experience in our life.

When I call my friend and they don’t return my call could it be that they simply aren’t up to it or maybe somehow their schedule conflicts with the amount of free time they have to even be able to make a call. Perhaps there isn’t even a valid reason people respond as they do verses what I think they should be doing. I may place certain expectations on someone and when they don’t live up to what I think they should be doing than where does my love for them go? Do I consider them to be selfish, did they abandon me or do I abandon them for their lack of action?
Or could I choose to continue to hold them in my heart and welcome their return letting them know they were missed when we next meet.

What is it that the universe wants me to do?
Stand up for myself and let them know I am hurt by their behavior but if only love is real what is the point of taking on an angry response? Do I impose guilt on them for their behavior or do I simply say I am so happy to spend this time with you I value the time we have when we are together.

I can’t live in both worlds and give them the same value, the human world or the world of Spirit. I pick the Spirit world, which gives me my greatest strength, perspective and where my energy will go on forever. I am in charge of my beliefs, how I view something, what I believe and how I behave.

How can I withhold or take my love away when I hold love in the core of me? Love never leaves so why do we choose to? Now don’t misunderstand me I may choose to physically leave but emotionally does my love for another stop? When I remember that my time here on earth is temporary I remember to make the most of it. I know my most important relationship is that with God and I know God would say it’s all about love and forgiveness.

But is the forgiveness really the act of me forgiving myself for taking on a judgmental or condemning attitude of my soul brother or sister? When I truly am in touch with God there is anything I can’t do. When I feel I can’t do it than God can do in through me for God is always there in me I simply ask God to take over and help me hear, see and view things as you do.

What I need to take personally is what I know and experience with God. That is the key to my entire being, the mind, body and Spirit and soul of me is all tied into this understanding and more importantly this relationship. So the next time I get angry I can choose to count to ten and as I do ask God help me to change my perspective and come from love NOW. I also know God gives me so many chances I just need to know that I am doing the best I can but to not to make excuses but to stay mindfully aware. So as I go about my day may I know nothing can take away my peace and love don’t take it personally for it is my eternal walk with God that I know personally surpasses it all. Amen © Cindy Miller ( for additional writings by Cindy please send an email to

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