Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Feng shui

Today's Topic: Doors and Windows
TRUTH: The RATIO of doors to windows, in a home, can affect BALANCE in a family’s life.
Doors and windows are important in Feng Shui. They represent a "parent’s mouth and a child’s voice." If windows (childrens voices) out number doors (parents mouths) in a home, arguments among siblings and adults can arise. Also, rude behavior such as children talking back to parents, acting out and/or displaying hyper activity can occur too. In addition, if "most" of the windows are larger in size than the doors, children can become defiant, get their way and/or ignore their parent’s wisdom altogether.
TIP: Regardless of the size and ratio of doors to windows in your home, hang a bell or wind chime "near" (but not obstructing) entrance and exit doors, to create harmony and balance. This way when the door opens, and the chime sounds, the parental voice will be heard by all the windows...children!
INTENTION: My behavior and integrity is stellar. I am in balance with my environment and with every member of my family.
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